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Bounce, Bond & Burn off

Welcome and congratulations on your new arrival.

Now you can bounce, bond and burn off that baby weight with our two 20 minute workouts.

Our first, lighter workout is for mums after their first 6 week postnatal check with their doctor.

The second, 20 minute workout is perfect for mums who are ready for something a bit more physically demanding.

Eventually you’ll be fit enough to do both!


Always use a reputable carrier and follow manufacturer's instructions


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emma talbot

Presented by Sarah Jane
Honeywell from Children's TV

Full of fun animation to
amuse you and your baby

Postnatal and pelvic floor
advice from Emma Tailby

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working out with baby

The main benefits


Get fit and back in shape with baby


Mum and baby get valuable bonding time whilst also relaxing your baby


The extra weight of carrying your baby whilst exercising means you get a better workout